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Qinghe was originally named Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory (that is where the website name apindusmesh comes from).  In the year of 1980, Mr. Yan Zhiwen set up the company of Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory.  In the beginning years of Anping Industrial, the main business of this company is weaving brass wire cloth, which is mostly used in paper manufacturing factories and chemical factories all over China.  

In the year of 2000, Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory decided to focus on overseas market which has higher quality requirements, as Anping Industrial Wire Mesh Factory can satisfy the high quality requirements of overseas market, and the cash flow of exporting business type can help Industrial to grow very fast although the profit is smaller.  From 2000 to 2003, Anping Industrial had to cooperate with exporting agencies to sell to overseas customers because the EXPORT LICENSE was strictly controlled at that time.  Another reason is that if Anping Industrial wishes to get export license, it has to apply in a new name instead of Anping Industrial.  In the year of 2003, Anping Qinghe was founded on the basis of Anping Industrial. 



September, Qinghe Registered and founded


October, Qinghe purchased 2 expanded metal machines and 2 perforated sheet making machines


November, Qinghe started making tooling by itself.


December, Turnovers were USD 500,000.00



January, purchased 10 barbed wire making machines


February, started to make welded wire mesh panels


March, purchased 3 welded wire mesh machine for rolls


April, started to weave hexagonal wire netting


May, got a loan of USD300,000.00 from the bank


June, customers NO reached 20 in 5 countries


July, started a line of hot dip galvanizing wire


August, installed a PVC coating line for wire mesh in roll types


September, installed the first electro galvanizing wire manufacturing line


October, started to weave chain link fencing


November, sales volume for bared wire reached USD300, 000.00


December, turnovers this year reached USD2.2million. 



January, purchased first leveling machine for perforated metal sheets


February, modified 10 punching machines to make razor tape wire


March, started the 2nd hot dip gal. wire line


April, started the first electro galvanizing wire line


May, started to make conveyor belt of Z type for architectural purpose


June, light type expanded metal was sold to 12 countries


July, purchased one 2.5M wide expanded metal machine


August, moved to the new factory land of 5000 SQM


September, was able to make hot dip gal. wire of 270 grams zinc coating


October, became a member of China Mineral and Metal Committee


November, Hot Dip Gal. Wire first sold to India


December, turnovers this year reached USD4.5million.



January, Barbed Wire Mesh was sold to Japan


February, installed 5 sets of shuttles weaving machines for fine wire mesh


March, 400 mesh of phosphor bronze wire cloth was manufactured


April, 500 mesh of stainless steel wire mesh wire was manufactured


May, 100 x 1200 mesh of stainless steel wire cloth was manufactured


June, copper wire mesh was sold to USA market for the first time


July, started the first line of PVC coating line for wire mesh rolls


August, started to make expanded aluminum foil metal


September, started to make micro hole expanded metal smaller than 1.5mm x 2.5mm


October, expanded metal machines reached 12 sets


November, our stainless steel wire mesh disc ordered by the first customer in Germany


December, turnovers this year reached USD7.1million.



January, our grating products first sold to Thailand


February, total NO of shuttles weaving machines became 10


March, sales Volume of Stainless steel wire mesh products reached USD800, 000.00


April, repaid the loan of USD400,000.00 and got a loan of USD1.0 million


May, started to make Z Type conveyor belt for food industry


June, Heavy type of crimped wire mesh (Quarry Mesh) was successfully made


July, Heavy Type of Expanded Metal was sold to 9 countries


August, started to make super thick PVC coating on welded wire mesh and hexagonal wire netting rolls


September, Shijiazhuang office was set up


October, sales volume of Chain link fence products reached USD400,000.00


November, started to make Y type conveyor belts in different materials


December, turnovers this year reached USD10.06million.



January, sales volume of Grating reached USD400,000.00


February, welded wire mesh machines for rolls and panels reached 20 sets


March, signed long term contract with an anodizing factory


April, copper wire mesh sales volume reached USD350,000.00


May, sales volume of brass wire cloth reached USD400,000.00


June, sales volume of phosphor bronze wire cloth reached USD200,000.00


July, got first customer in Egypt for expanded metal mesh used as window screen


August, moved to new factory of 20,000.00 SQM.


September, first order of gabion wire mesh for Turkey market


October, PVC coated steel wire was sold to 10 countries


November, Qinghe Company Standard for Perforated Metal was issued


December, turnovers this year reached USD11.3 million.



January, set up 2 sheet forming machine lines


February, decided to make architectural wire mesh products


March, confirmed the plans of modifying architectural wire mesh machines


April, sales volume of conveyor belt reached USD200,000.00


May, started to make grating products


June, Qinghe Standards of welded wire mesh was issued


July, sales volume of gabion wire netting reached USD500,000.00


August, signed long term cooperation contract with Z90 (275grams zinc coating) gal. Steel sheets supplier


September, the first customer from Spain purchased architectural wire mesh from us


October, started to modify heavy type weaving machines to make safety mesh


November, started to make PVC coating line for metal mesh panels


December, turnovers this year reached USD12.5 million.



January, set up the first line of making perforated metal coils


February, the first order of perforated metal coil was reached with Australia customer


March, we used stainless steel 310S material to make expanded metal


April, expanded metal was ordered by China International Water & Electric Corp. for Sudan DAM in Africa


May, the first customer from Poland ordered perforated metal coil


June, sales volume of expanded metal reached USD1.0 million


July, gabion wire netting machines added up to 10 sets


August, SGS and Made in China issued certificate to our factory


September, installed hop dip gal. line for welded and expanded panels


October, first order of safety mesh, 11mesh x 0.8MM SS316 was reached with Australia customer


November, Qinghe Company Standard for Expanded Metal was issued


December, turnovers this year reached USD14.2 million.



January, successfully made perforated metal of 0.8mm thickness 0.8mm hole


February, another 2 lines of perforated meal coil of 160 tons and 200 tons were added to our capacity


March, repaid the loan of USD1.0 million borrowed from bank 4 years ago


April,  provided perforated metal sheets to the first customer in South Africa


May, total customer NO reached 350


June, sales volume of architectural wire mesh reached USD600,000.00


July, firstly we made perforated metal with stainless steel 2304


August, sales volume of hexagonal wire netting reached USD650,000.00


September, sales volume of welded wire mesh products reached USD1.5 million


October, 4 sets of CNC cutting machines and folding machines were installed in our factory


November, sales volume of Grating reached USD400,000.00


December, turnovers this year reached USD15.9 million.



January, successfully made perforated metal coil for acoustic indusry


February, the countries NO of our customer origins reached 52


March; purchased another industrial land of 20,000.00 SQM


April, Crimped wire mesh for both quarry mesh and architectural sold to 8 countries, with a sales volume of USD1.5 million


May, successfully made heavy type conveyor belt


June, heavy type crimped wire mesh (quarry mesh) first transferred through railway to Kazakhstan


July, sales volume of perforated metal reached USD3.0 million


August, Qinghe Standard of Crimped Wire mesh was issued


September, PVC coating hexagonal wire netting had been provided in 12 countries


October, started to apply for more trademarks of our own


November, 5 sets of EDM machines were added to our manufacturing capacity 


December, turnovers this year reached USD18.8 million

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