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If you meet a company on an exhibition, you get their company and product information through communications, and you find everything is happy, then the risk of doing business with them is much smaller than wiring money to a company you get from the internet. 


If all the companies you get are from the internet, how to judge them?


TIP 1: Look at their websites to see how many mistakes there are, and how many images are copied from other websites. 


There are a lot of mistakes on the websites of “metal mesh” or “Wire Mesh” companies.  They name a perforated metal image “expanded metal”, they give wrong specifications for a wire mesh product, and they copy a lot of wire netting images from the internet. 


The reasons for them to tolerate these mistakes are:


There is only one or two persons in that company, and they do not have enough staff to write down the correct information.


This is just their habits, as they treat everything like this, including your order.


That company is not a company; they register and disappear very quickly.


TIP 2: Call their phone number to see if you are contacting a real person.

In case you can not make a visit to the company, it is very necessary to make a phone call to the company, talk to the person who wrote to you, and discuss the topics you discussed in the email.   In this way  you will make sure whether  you are contacting a real person. 


TIP 3: Ask them to give the specifications and quote the images from their websites.


If an image is listed on the company, they should know which specification it is and what the cost  is. You can write down that image inquiry together with your needs to test if they are a serious company.  Or you can only ask them to provide the original bigger size image to evaluate.  Most of them can not provide it if that image is copied from the website.


TIP 4: See how quickly and how professionally they reply.


Good companies can always reply to you very quickly in a very professional way.  Considering the time difference, a good company may reply to you within 24 hours or even shorter, but not on weekends.  They know what are important in your inquiry or if they handle your job, they may need to clarify some issues which are not very clear in your inquiry.   That is much better than a company that gives you a quotation based on incomplete information, which is meaningless.


TIP 5: Tell them that you may pay for samples, ask for their bank details to see if it is different from the one you are contacting.


Even if you finally decide not to pay, it is not cheating.   It is only a way of preventing you from fraud.  Some metal mesh companies are using different beneficiary names when you want to pay.  It is very dangerous to pay to a different company name or to a personal bank account.


TIP 6: Ask for their customer reference.

This can always test whether a company is experienced in the product you are looking for.

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