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Crimped wire mesh is also called crimped wire screen, crimped wire cloth, pre-crimped mesh, quarry mesh, quarry screen, or vibrating screen, etc.  It is made with pre-crimped wire of plain woven; Pre-Crimped wire is made by mold in advance, so make the crimped wire in both directions in the correct position, thus ensuring the uniformity of the mesh size of crimped wire mesh.


Crimped wire mesh can be square opening, rectangular slotted opening, extra long slotted opening due to different crimping styles.  For each opening, many different wires can be chosen according to the required strength and open area.


Crimped wire mesh is available in rolls or standard panel, or cut to request size with or without tensioning folds.  Also, all types of tensioning folds are made in relation to the different types of screening machines.


Crimped wire mesh has the features of even mesh, firm structure, good strength, long life time, etc.


Crimped wire mesh can be used in the waste water, oil refining, mining, construction, safety and food processing industries for applications that require strength and large-hole filtering and screening.  Pre-crimped wire cloth is also used in architectural and industrial design applications.





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