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Crimping Styles


Plain Crimping

This crimping style uses warp and weft wires of equal size.  Warp wires pass over and under weft wires in an alternating pattern at adjacent intersections.




Two Ways Crimping (Double Crimping)

This has evenly crimped in warp and weft, providing a rigid construction.  The wires are under crimped and sprung together thus giving a tight structure.  This is used mainly with lighter wires to ensure tension in a light screen.




One way Crimping

Because of some hole and wire diameter which is not suitable for plain crimping and two ways crimping, to give the mesh good and strong structure, we only crimped in warp wire, not in weft wire.




Locked Crimping

Each intersection is formed with straight sections of weft wires woven within straight sections of warp wires.  Weft wires are woven in an alternating pattern, top and bottom.  This is a variation of the double crimp to ensure that wires remain in their exact positions.




Flat-top Crimping

All crimping is offset to one side to get the even surface on the top, allowing material to move more freely over the top surface of the screen and keeping plugging to a minimum.



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