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Galvanized After Weaving (GAW)

First weave chain link into a fabric, then soak it in a large galvanized bath which adheres the zinc coating.  This ensures that all the wire is coated, and even the cut ends are created during the weaving process.  GAW is the best value in galvanized chain link fence, since nothing beats the complete zinc coating of GAW chain link fabric in durability and rust-prevention.



GAW Chain Link Fencing Benefits

1. Zinc-based process offers the most active cathodic protection.

2. Heavier and more thorough coating with no flaking and bare trim ends.

3. Additional protective coating to prevent while rust.

4. All components of GAW fence systems are zinc coated.

5. Lower long-term costs.

6. Fewer long-term maintenance problems.



Galvanized Before Weaving (GBW)

Use pre-galvanized wire formed into a fabric.  Electro galvanized wire with 10-15g/m2 zinc coating, hot dip galvanized wire with 35-50g/m2, 50-80g/m2, 120-280g/m2 zinc coating.  The weaving process creates an exposed cut end with lack coating.  This type is more apt to some minor rust in wet and severe weather conditions. 


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