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Single concertina wire features


- Aesthetic appearance
- Protective excellent performance
- Costless and easily installed
- High tensile strength
- Good flexibility
- Uniform layer of zinc

- Corrosion-resistant


Cross razor wire features


The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful feature and practicality.


Welded razor mesh features


- Being almost impossible to climb 
- High-strength steel core, very difficult to cut off
- Powerful security fence barriers, neat appearance
- No secondary use, so it will not be stolen
- Extremely simple to install, needing three to four to install molding


Razor wire flat-wrap features


- Neat appearance

- High Security

- Simple Installation

- Available in Green

- Reduced Overhang (reduced public liability)

- Can be fixed over Gated pivot  (no special fittings required)

- Can be used repeatedly


Straight line razor wire features


It has a compact and rational structure, with high safety factor.   As it bears steel wire, the straight razor wire is not cut like a common barbed wire.  However, it is easily installed and dismantled, allowing you to use it repeatedly.  It is the most economical and effective solution to protecting your property from intruders such as thieves, burglars.

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