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Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh


Gavanized welded wire mesh is divided into hot-dipped galvanized welded wire mesh and electric galvanized welded wire mesh.  We supply galvanized welded wire mesh in rolls and in panels.





Assortments available:

- Hot -dipped galvanized welded wire mesh (Hot dip galvanization after / before welding).

- Electro galvanized welded wire mesh (electro galvanization after / before welding).



Making a Comparison:


Assortments cost

Galvanized Layer 





Hot dip Galvanization

After Welding Wire Mesh

Higher than 

before welding

Thick High Long

Hot dip Galvanization 

Before Welding Wire Mesh

reasonable Thick Normal Normal


After Welding Wire Mesh

reasonable Normal Normal Normal


Before Welding Wire Mesh

commercial Thin Low Short


How to Choose:

 In deciding which kind of galvanized welded wire to use, take the following into consideration:

1. How long do you want the fence or mesh to last?  
2. What factors determine the mesh size that you want to use?
3. Are there environmental factors that could potentially shorten the lifetime of the wire?
4. Does your project require a lot of labor that will need to be repeated when the wires rust through and need replacement?
5. Will the appearance of rusting wires be objectionable?


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