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Carbon Steel Expanded Metal Applications


It is extremely versatile and used in various applications, such as ventilation, construction, equipment maintenance plus reinforcement and the protection and isolation of machines, electrical equipment and windows.  Heavy carbon steel expanded metal can be used as stair treads for oil tanks, working platforms, corridors or walkways.


Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Applications


Used for screening, filtration, ventilation, security, architectural and decorative purposes.  Stainless steel expanded metal is lightweight and easy to fabricate and form.  With its slip-resistant properties, it is also widely used in industries such as food processing and pharmacy.


Aluminum Expanded Metal Applications


Used for flooring, ventilation, architectural, railing, filtration, decorative mesh.


Expanded Aluminum Foil Applications


Used for automotive, defense and military, filtration, automotive, acoustic, catering.


Precision Expanded Mesh Applications


Used in batteries, electronics, aerospace, medical, packaging, and wherever mesh and perforated foils with high precision, mechanical and electrical properties or EMI/ RFI shielding capabilities are required.

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