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Carbon Steel Expanded Metal Features


- Economical

- Durable

- Wear resistant

- Perfect weight-to-strength ratio


Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Features


- Economical

- Durable

- Versatile

- Easy to install

- Low resistance to wind loads


Aluminum Expanded Metal Features


- Economical

- Lightweight

- Durable

- High strength-to-weight ratio

- High electrical conductivity


Expanded Aluminum Foil Features


- Light weight
- Minimum displacement
- Forms, shapes and presses easily
- Economical
- Validated for a diversity of uses
- Functional for air, grease, oil and dust filtration


Precision Expanded Mesh Features


- The technology of manufacture is essentially 'loss-less'

- Valuable materials can be processed without incurring cutting loss or generating unacceptable levels of waste.

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