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Field Fence Applications


Our Field Fence is designed to use a variety of opening configurations to accommodate horses, cattle, hogs and other large animals.    


3D Welded Mesh Panel Fence Applications 


3D Welded Mesh Panel Fence is ideal for residential areas, industrial properties, schools or car parks. The V-shaped profile reinforcing folds increase the panel’s rigidity and strength.




358 / 868/ 656 Security Mesh Fence Applications


The Security Mesh Fence systems are developed for all applications where total security is essential:

schools, warehouses, distribution centres, power plants, laboratories, computer centres, financial institutions, military sites, penitentiaries, etc.  For specific applications (e.g. prisons) particular solutions can be proposed.



 Holland Fence Applications


Holland Fence is widedly used on highway, railway, airport, stadium golf course, residential area, port, oil stations, farming, animal husbandry and the mountains.




Temporary Fence Applications


Temporary Fence is mainly used on the city road, the highway, pool, garden, security of building, etc.  It is for stopping the crowds, animals and vehicles, etc.






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