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 Concertina Barbed Wire Features

 When extended to its full length, the concertina unfurls easily and provides a cylinder-like barrier.  Concertina Barbed Wire provides instant, reliable and economical security for vital installations.  It can be set up quickly and easily on top of existing fences and solid walls, in ditches on roof of tops or by itself on the ground.


Galvanized Barbed Wire Features

 Galvanized barbed wire offers a great protection against corrosion and oxidation caused by the atmosphere.  Its high resistance allows greater spacing between the fencing posts.


PVC Coated Barbed Wire Features

PVC coated is that the wire is covered with vinyl.  The PVC layer not only has a positive effect on the strength and toughness of the material, but also reduces the risk of rust.  It can also reduce the wear between layers when operating.  PVC coated barbed wire is the ideal type for ocean engineering, irrigation machines and big excavators.


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