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Tips on Choosing Insect Netting

The most common request insect netting includes aluminum insect netting, galvanized insect netting, fiberglass insect netting, and stainless steel insect netting.


Here we provide some simple tips for you to choose the most suitable insect netting:

- If you are choosing a wire mesh screening fabric against insects with less cost, choose galvanized insect netting.

- If you emphasize the invisible window screening, choose fiberglass insect netting.

- If you do not need to consider the cost and want to be totally free from maintenance works, choose the aluminum insect netting.

- If you are choosing a high-grade window screening fitting modern architectures or being used in a really bad environment, consider the stainless steel insect netting.


For more information, please find below comparison chart.

 Insect Netting Comparison Chart
Item Name  Price  Life Time  Features
Galvanized Insect Netting  Economical 5-8 years Bright surface, resistant corrosion, flexible, easy cleaning, keeping forms.
Fiberglass Insect Netting Less Expensive  8-10 years Invisible, fire-proof, resistant corrosion, blocking sunlight, stable structure, desirable ventilation, high strength, bending-resistant. 
Aluminum Insect Netting  Expensive 10-15 years Light weight, good corrosion resistant and rust resistant, proof air/fire/water, maintaining free, sound and heat insulation, keeping colors.
Stainless Steel Insect Netting More Expensive 15-20 years Shining appearance, excellent resistant on high corrosion, good structure, high tensile, do not break easily, easy cleaning, decroative, maintaining free.
Note: Above life time is for normal environment; If in bad environment, life time will be shorter. 


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