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Natural Finish

Most of the perforated metals are required to be Natural Finish no matter what kind of material they are.


Oil Spraying

Some customers prefer the carbon steel perforated metal to be oil sprayed to avoid the possible rusting because of the moisture during the long time sea shipping.


Powder Coating

Different colors of powder coating are available, but minimum quantity might be required for some special colors.


PTFE Coating

PTFE has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and coefficiency of friction is very low.  So it not only can be used as lubrication, but also ideal material for coating non stick pan and waterpipe layer.


Aluminum perforated metal are more and more used on buildings, as decorative walls, building cladding and so on.  Beacause of the characteristics of this material, many customers request to do some special treatment:



Because aluminum is relatively soft, to avoild scratching on sheets during production, transportation and installation process, some customers may ask to put thin film on surface before and after punching.



To overcome the aluminum surface hardness, wear-resistance and other defects, and to expand the application range and service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part in the use of aluminum, and anodizing technology is currently the most widely used and most successful one.  We can provide anodization treatment at request.


PVDF Coating

PVDF coating is a high-grade surface coating process, which has excellent fade resistance, anti-frost resistance, air pollution (acid rain) corrosion resistance, UV resistance ability, and crack resistance which can withstand strong adverse weather conditions.  It can be provided at request.

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