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Thickness or Gauge

Thickness of the metal sheets does not change during the perforation.  Normally thickness is expressed in gauge.  Please see Gauge Table in our Technical Data Column. However, to avoid possible misunderstanding, we would suggest expressing them in inches or millimeters.






Width and Length


Panel Size: 1000MM X 2000MM / 1220MM X 2440MM / 1250MM X 2500MM 

                      1250MM X 6000MM / 1500MM X 3000MM / 1500MM X 6000MM

Coil Size:  1000MM X 100M or as request  / 1250MM X 100M or as request

                    1500MM X 100M or as request

Note: Above is the standard size, and other sizes can be custom-made at request.





Margins are the blank (un-perforated) area along the edges of the sheet.  Normally the margins on the length are 20mm minimum, and margin along the width can be 0m minimum or at customers' requests.


Stardard Margin                                                                     Rough  Margin




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