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We have the following advantages in processing


The perforating process starts by designing the precision die.  We believe that the quality of the die is critical for the quality of products.  We have therefore invested heavily on die-making and developing our die-making techniques.



We use the CNC machine to produce state-of-the-art products.  The daily output is over 2000m2.   We can perforate the material thickness from 0.1mm to 25mm.  The process of punching holes in a given material requires presses capable of generating a great enough penetrable force and tooling made specifically to withstand the pressure of repetitious blows yet versatile enough to produce a number of desired patterns.


Slitting to finished width is done in-line from a coil.



Our workers can shear the margins when the tolerance is greater than our in-line process.


Roller Leaving

We can bring the perforated material thickness arranging from 0.8mm to 12mm back to the original flatness with the roller press.


The perforating process requires the use of lubricants, and a degreasing step can be applied to cleaning oil free from the material surfaces.


The perforated metal usually adopts the form in bulk.  We can adopt the packaging, such as cloth, wooden case, and cartons, etc, according to you request.  A fairly large number of products can adopt the wooden pallet or steel pallet packaging.

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