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Perforated Cable Tray


Qinghe Perforated Cable Trays can be supplied in a variety of sizes along with a comprehensive array of fittings to cater for any project large or small.  And it can be easily fabricated on/off site.



Cable Basket Tray


Qinghe Cable Basket Tray adheres to the RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) philosophy.  The integral coupler simply pushes together to form a secure joint, and no additional couplers or special tools are required.



Cable Basket Tray 30mm Sidewall



Cable Basket Tray 60mm Sidewall



Cable Basket Tray 100mm Sidewall



Cable Ladder


Qinghe Cable Ladders are designed to utilize space and give absolute cable protection.  The design of the side profile combines great strength with light weight.  All of Captrad Cable Systems grp cable ladders have been designed to improve load-bearing capabilities.  We are able to produce cable ladders in a variety of sizes and special resin systems to match any working environment.  


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