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Pre-Galvanized: Mild steel material and pre-coated at the steel manufacturers.  Good resistance to rust in a dry, indoor environment.  Not recommended for humid or outdoor installations.


Galvanized After: Products to this finish are manufactured from mild steel and galvanized after manufacture.  These products achieve a thicker coating of zinc which enhances the products' resistance to corrosion.  Products to this finish are suitable for outdoor installation. 


Electro Galvanized.: The electro zinc finish is the standard finish for Qinghe cable basket range which offers corrosion protection and a pleasing aesthetic finish.


Stainless Steel: Used for products to be installed in the harshest environments and in various process facilities.  Qinghe offers two grades of stainless steel.


AISI304 Stainless Steel: Used extensively throughout industry.  This is a tough, resistant corrosion austenitic grade of stainless steel which is popular in the food and pharmaceutical process industries.  Qinghe cable trays are as standard supplied in this grade of material.


AISI316L Stainless Steel: Also referred to austenitic grade.  This austenitic grade of stainless steel through the addition of molybdenum is used mainly for installations which are exposed to high saline content environments such as offshore facilities and coastal environments.


Powder Coated(To customer’s specifications ): The painted finish is achieved by powder coating the base steel.  This process is achieved by electrostatically charging the base material and then applying a free flowing, dry coloured powder to it.   Heat is then applied to allow it to flow and form a skin.  The powder coated finish is very tough and durable providing relatively good corrosion protection.  It can be applied to any type of steel finish, including post-galvanised.   


Aluminum: This material is light weight compared with steel cable tray and easier to be installed.  This Aluminum material is just as strong or stronger than steel systems and is available in all types of Qinghe cable trays.  And 6063-T6 or 5052-H32 alloy is popular. 

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