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Qinghe Shale Shaker Screen are used in raw material as silk screen, metal wire sieve net and synthetic fiber screen three categories. Wire is 0.4 ~ 0.025 mm thickness of specifications. That is used mostly tabby organizations or twill seats shape organization.


 Qinghe has the ability of design and manufacture all series shale shaker screens which are essential facilities for petroleum drilling machinery of oil field project; And shale shaker screen is one type important wear parts in the drilling mud system. By using different shale shaker screen, linear motion shaker could maximally remove the drilling cuttings and recover the valuable drilling mud back into the mud system for subsequent treatment.


Our shale shaker screens are made of stainless steel wire which wear resistance, corrosion resistance ensure long service life. They are widely used in oil drilling, gas layer, sand control, coal mine, filter liquid, pipeline crossing of excavation engineering, etc.



We mainly supply five different shale shaker screens, including:

Hook Strip Flat Shale Shaker Screen


 Hook Strip Soft Shale Shaker Screen


Wave Shape Shale Shaker Screen



Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen



Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen



As a professional supplier for kinds of shale shaker screen, we also commits to provide shale shaker screen as per API standard for various brands shale shakers. We keeps developing world’s most advanced technology for making the shale shaker screens.



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