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Shale Shaker Screen Spare Parts


Repair Plugs

The screen repair plugs are used to repair pre-tensioned screen. There are hexagonal shape and rectangle shape. The rectangle shape ones are used on M-I SWACO Mongoose screen. The hexagonal ones mainly be used on NOV Brandt VSM. The rectangle ones are made of composite material same as Mongoose composite frame. The hexagon ones are rubber material. 

The flexible and durable rubber plug prevents small rips or tears from spreading. If a tear occurs, it can be inserted into the broken place, stop the fluids leaking down. The chemical and heat resistant plugs are reusable.

 Furthermore, Qinghe shaker screen can produce screen repair plugs according to user's actual demand. Including the shape, the size, etc.




Wedge Blocks

  The wedge blocks are used to tension shaker screens on shaker deck.  Frame screens will be clamped by wedge blocks.


Our wedge blocks are made of composite material. This material is more durable and beautiful. We can take this wedge blocks on almost all pre-tensioned screen shakers. Since it is a wedge for different height screen and related back plate. 


Furthermore, the wedge blocks can be customized on color. Any interest or question just contact us freely.


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