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Uniaxial Geogrid Applications

Uniaxial geogrid is mainly applied in highway,railway,slope protecting projects,retaining wall,dam to strengthen land loading capacity and extend its service life.Features in reducing area,project cost and maintenance cost,convenient to construct.


Biaxial Geogrid Applications

Mainlu used in base reinforcement for flexible pavements,subgrade and foundation improvement,parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities,haul road stabilization,

airport runways,construction platforms and embankments over soft soils , and caps for sludge ponds and landfills


Fiberglass Geogrid Applications

This product is used to strengthen the soft land,such as railway,airport,irrigation work,and dyke,roadbed,and softland loading capacity strengthen.


Polyester Geogrid Applications

It mainly applied in strengthening soft ground of rail and road


Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid Applications

Can be used in roads, railways, embankments, abutments, construction of access roads, piers, revetments, levees, dams, beach management, freight yard, residue field, airports, sports, environmental buildings, reinforcement of soft soil, retaining walls, slope protection and road resistance etc geo projects.


Geogrid For Mining Applications

Applicable to coal mine working face false roof support  and roadway protection and help, also can be used in the metro and tunnel engineering support.

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