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Uniaxial Geogrid Features

 - High  tensile strength

 - High tensile modulus.


Biaxial Geogrid Features

 - Increasing the bearing capacity of roadbed and prolonging its service life.
 - Preventing road surface and foundation from subsiding or cracking and keeping clean and beautiful ground


 - Being convenient for construction,saving time and labor, shortening construction period and

    maintenance cost.
 - Preventing tunnel from cracking.
 - Enhancing slope stability, preventing soil and water loss.
 - Decreasing underlayer thickness and saving cost.
 - Supporting stability of side slope grass mat  and improving greening


Fiberglass Geogrid Features:

 - High tensile strength in warp and weft directions

 - Low Elongation

 - High flexibility

 - High and low temperature resistance


Polyester Geogrid Features

 - High tensile strength

 - High tear-resistant

 - Strong combination with gravel and soil


Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid Features

 -  High strength、small creep、suitable for various kinds of soil.

 -  Effectively increase the embedded locks effect of reinforced bearing surface、enhance the foundation bearing

    capacity and stability greatly. 
 -  Compared to traditional geogrids, it has characteristics of high strength,strong bearing ability,

     anti-aging,big friction coefficient,average mesh opening,easy construction,long  service life etc. 

 -   Effectively avoid the damage caused by rolling, destroy of equipments.

 -   Anti-fire, hot insulation, sound insulation


Geogrid For Mining Features

 - High-strength: The tensile strength is higher than that of the diamond mesh, and it can replace the diamond


 - Innovation: Weave the high-strength material by the plastic and the mesh joint is firm.

 - Low extension: Low unit extension, average stress, and avoid the appearance of the tuck net effectively.

 - Light: Weigh about 1kg/m2. Reduce the labor intensity, improve the working efficiency, and simple to install

   and use.

 - Safety: Static resistant, inflaming retarding, avoid the appearance of the electric sparkle effectively.

 - Erosion resistance: Its plastic surface ensures long service life and no invalidation caused by the erosion.

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